At-Home Independent Study

What it comes with

-  A bag of clay to take home(stone ware 15 lbs, recycle 20 lbs, porcelain 10 lbs). 

-  Firings and glazing included.  Bisqued pottery will be stored at Indigo Fire till it is safe for students to come in and glaze.

-  Access to weekly lessons and hangouts via video stream.

-  Clay pickup and pottery drop off outside to maintain social distancing.  

At-home handbuilding projects by Indigo Fire students


-   At-Home Independent Study costs $80 a month

-   There will be a new registration period for At-Home Independent Study every Tuesday.  These are posted below and you may sign up in advance.  This means each week we will accept new At-Home Independent Study registrations which will last for one month.

-   On the Tuesday that your At-Home Independent Study begins, you may stop by Indigo Fire to pick up your clay which will be outside.  We will coordinate with you for this. 

-   There will be a dedicated drop-off area for pottery.  We will bisque this pottery as it comes in and store it at the studio.  Eventually when we reopen, you will be invited to come in and glaze your pieces.

Video Streaming lessons and hangouts

-   All currently enrolled At-Home Independent Study students will be invited to our video streaming lessons and hangouts.

-   We plan on holding three sessions a week on Zoom.  Students will be able to join at their leisure to participate in the lesson, ask questions or catch up with studio friends.

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