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Summer Classes in Belmont

Cancellations are available until within one week of the class start date. Then they may only be refunded if we are able to fill the seat. A $35 administrative fee is retained in any case. 

These classes are not included in our pre-registration for the fall semester. 

Luster, Brushwork and Glaze Chemistry
Duration: 2 hours
Frequency: One time
Time: 10:30-12:30pm or 2-4pm
Dates: Mondays during August and early September
Outside Practice: not included
Price: $85
One Time Luster and Overglaze Decal Workshop with Ariane

This workshop is a primer on what luster and overglazes are and how to apply them. Students will bring 3-4 glazed pieces and will be supplied with a variety of luster and overglaze decals to apply to their work. 
Students may bring in personal overglaze decals purchased ahead of time but will be required to show firing instructions for those decals. Decals can be purchased through vendors such as Elan Transfers, Milestone Decals, or Amazon. They should be rated to fire between Cone 017-019. 

One Time Brushwork Lesson with Ned

If you know Ned, you know he enjoys his brushwork decoration. This workshop will cover the process of making a brush and offer students techniques and exercises to start practicing their own brushwork. 
One Time Glaze Chemistry Workshop with Ned

This workshop delves into the chemical interactions that create the colors and textures of glaze. Indigo Fire features 18 glazes for student use, mostly formulated by Ned. This workshop is for the studio potter interested in upping their glazing game through a deeper understanding of glaze chemistry, or the home potter hoping to improve their glaze making . 

3 Week Intensives
Duration: 2.5 hours
Frequency: 2x a week for three weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Time: 10:30-1:00pm or 2-4:30pm
Dates: Session 1, August 2 - 19
Session2, August 22 - September 9

Outside Practice: specific hours included
Price: $375
Terra Cotta Handbuilt Planters
Three Week Intensive with Taylor 

3 hours, 2x a week
Terra Cotta is a low fire clay body that matures to a traditional orange color and is used frequently for planters. This beginner-friendly class will primarily focus on handbuilt techniques to create pieces larger than average.  Our usual firing fee for oversize pieces will be waived for this class.
Please note that this class meets twice a week. 

6 Week Classes
The 6 week classes will take place on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 10:30-12:30. They will run as our more traditional beginner throwing option, though the timeline is shorter than our usual offerings. 
Outside practice time and 35lbs of clay are included in the 6 week class sessions.
Cost: $300 
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