Covid19 Response

Indigo Fire has been closed since March 14th due to the Coronavirus.  We have been waiting for the state's guidance on how to approach the process of reopening.  On May 18th, Governor Baker announced a phased reopening plan for Massachusetts.  Under this plan, businesses such as ours should remain closed.  

What has Indigo Fire been doing since March?

During our traditionally busy schedule we accumulate a laundry list of small projects and chores that is difficult to tackle.  Roughly the first month was spent finishing these.  Brita has been working at the studio throughout this time.  The recycle clay buckets in the studio are completely empty, the kiln room shelves are bare and the studio is clean as a whistle.

We've been giving complimentary clay to our class and independent study students to take home and work with.  We've been receiving photos of the handbuilding projects and they've been awesome.  To offer up tips and ideas when working from home, Brita has started a new video series.  It's the beginning of something great!

Ned has been responding to emails, helping students, applying for loans, paying bills etc.  Mainly though he's been growing a mustache and doing wood working projects.  He has a new basement that he's turned into a wood shop.  He's spent many, many hours toiling down there.

Our plan going forward

Like the state's phased reopening plan, we had a phased reopening plan of our own.  Given that we will be required to remain closed longer we have pivoted a bit.

Starting on Monday, May 25th we will be offering an At-Home Independent Study(this will also mark the end of our offering complimentary clay).  This will cost $80 a month.  It will come with 15lbs of clay every month.  Participants in this program will be able to pick up their clay and drop off pottery to be bisqued without having to come inside the studio.  Brita will be bisquing the pottery as it comes in.  When it is safe to have students work inside, all of that pottery will be available for glazing.  

Rather than offering online classes as many studios have started to do, we will be hosting video streaming sessions that At-Home Independent Study students can take advantage of.  Three times a week, Brita, Ned or a guest host will have a video stream that students can join.  Students may join in with their own video, audio, just chat or as an observer.  Some of these sessions will be specific lessons and demonstrations.  Other times we will simply answer questions and hangout.  We will publish information on each session ahead of time.

We know that many of our students are in the process of making a pottery workspace at home.  We will help students out in this endeavor as much as we can.  If you have questions about this, please just email us.  

When the state advises that it is safe enough for our business to open we will do so.  We'll be taking as many precautions as we can when this time comes.  We have already rearranged the studio to dramatically expand the walking space.  

To our current Independent Study Students

We are treating all of our regular independent study registrations as paused.  When we open up one day, your independent study will resume right where you left off.  If the time and space available when we first reopen is significantly more limited than normal, we will make some adjustment to the independent study's cost or duration.  If you are interested in the At-Home Independent Study, this will be a separate purchase.  We will continue to offer refunds to anyone who requires it.  Independent Study refunds will be pro-rated.

To our current Class Students

For those who registered for the spring semester that never happened, your registration is currently holding your place in the next semester that will be available to you.  You will be able to select whatever class you want to take in that semester.  Priority will be given to students who want to remain in the same class time however.  

We encourage class students to take advantage of our At-Home Independent Study program.  This will be a separate purchase from your class registration.  We will continue to offer refunds to any class students who ask for it.

To our parents with kids registered in our summer program

We are optimistic that we will be able to run our Summer Kids Program.  It is almost a certainty that covid19 will continue to be a health risk this summer.  Assuming our program does run, we will be doing everything possible to create a safe environment.  This will affect the dynamic of the summer program, but we have games, projects and a new studio layout that we're confident will allow the kids to have a fun, fulfilling experience.

Thank you to our lovely community!


We've received many notes from our students with messages of positivity and appreciation for what we offer.  You've put up with our many changes over the years.  You're the reason we've been able to stay in business this long.  We'll make it through this pandemic to hold down our spot..... the coolest pottery studio in Boston.

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