Minoyaki Symposium with Koko Yamada

Join Koko Yamada and the Indigo Fire community for an informal night of drinks, merriment and learning about Minoyaki pottery.  Koko is from the Toki region of Japan where local potters have been producing Minoware for over a millennium.  She has established a relationship with the modern day potters of this region to bring their wares overseas to Boston.  This Minoware will be for sale at Indigo Fire going forward.


With that in mind, join us!  Koko will give a short presentation and slide show that everyone can enjoy.  We will have a bit of food and drink, but it would be lovely if everyone brought a little something to the event.  This could be anything from a bag of hot Cheetos to those three craft beers your friends left at your place last weekend.  




FOOD & Drink

Indigo Fire

60 Concord Ave, Belmont

Friday, Oct. 18th




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