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summer 2023 Semester
for current students ONLY

Please do not send this page to friends or family who are not yet registered at Indigo Fire!

We will make the registration public on the main class page on June 5th.

We use a tiered registration system.

Between May 29th and June 2nd you may sign up ONLY for the class you took during the current Winter 2023 session

Between June 3rd (starting at 10 am) and 4th, you may sign up for any other class, if space is available. If you switch classes before 10 am, your booking will be cancelled & refunded. 

You may NOT pre-register for the class you're currently enrolled in if you intend to switch. No one should have 2 concurrent registrations.

The classes will be made public on Monday, June 5th.

We will be checking registrations, so no sneaky stuff to get your cousin Janet into a class!

Other Things To Know-

  • Please note that some classes have changed teachers- they are marked with an asterisk*

  • We are offering current students a 2 part payment plan if interested, please send us an email and we will help you get registered.  

  • Belmont has transitioned to mask-optional.

  • Belmont Morning Classes are paused for the summer semester.

Belmont Summer 2023.png
Watertown Summer 2023.png

The Deets:

Classes during this session are 2 hours long and meet once a week for 10 weeks. 

The start of the semester will be the week of July 3rd, and will run through mid September.  

Classes include 55 lbs of clay, glazes, and firings. Additional clay may be purchased at $2 an lb.

Tools are not provided in Watertown. 

Before signing up for classes, please read our Student Policy Guide

Watertown Studio hours are:

Monday -Friday 10-10

Saturday 10-9

Sunday 10-6

Belmont Studio hours are:

Monday -Friday 10-9

Saturday 12-6

Sunday 12-6

Please note that only Independent Study students are permitted to practice in the Belmont studio during the kid's program, which runs from 9-3:30 pm.

Watertown Booking

Belmont Booking

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