The path that lead Ned to being a pottery studio owner started with a finance degree and 6 years of work for JP Morgan Chase in Manhattan.  Not happy where he was, he decided to pursue self-fulfillment and happiness.  For him that had always been pottery.  At Indigo Fire Ned teaches classes and workshops, but spends most of his days running the studio.  He enjoys glaze chemistry and building out the studio space.



Ariane Curtin-Bowen

Studio Manager

Ariane joined Indigo Fire as a staff member in Jan, 2020.  Her role here has quickly grown and we are now proud to have her as the Studio Manager.  On top of being friendly, helpful and smart, Ariane has a strong background in ceramics.  She has a BA from Bennington College where she concentrated in ceramics.  She previously worked at Mud Flat as a tech and is well versed in pottery studio operations.  Her pottery uses slabbed and draped forms to create large surfaces for her illustrative designs. 


Maddy Fox

Staff Member

Maddy has been throwing at Indigo Fire consistently since 2016.  They come from a musical family and apply that creativity to their pottery.  They have a wide range of thrown shapes and glazes that they use.  Maddy knows the studio extremely well and will probably share a throwing tip with you if they have the time.  They run the studio on Saturdays.  


Isabel Gresseth

Staff Member

Isabel is a Belmont High School student who started throwing at Indigo Fire in 2019.  She has many artistic interests including writing, painting, music and of course pottery.  She is very knowledgeable about the studio and a good resource if you have any questions while working here.  You will find Isabel in the studio on Saturday afternoons.


Kirya Caine

Staff Member

Kirya has been making pottery at Indigo Fire for seven years.  She has spent much of her summers working here, helping with our summer kids program.  She enjoys functional, thrown pottery.  Kirya works Sundays at the studio.


Brita Riley


Brita graduated from the UMASS Amherst with her BFA in 2012. For a few years following, in addition to working on her own pottery, Brita managed the studio and taught ceramics full time at a local high school. In 2018, Brita began teaching weekend workshops at Indigo and has since taken up the role of studio manager. She works on planning sales/events, studio organization, community outreach and is also teaching classes and workshops. You can also find her selling her work at many local craft events! 


Check out Brita's website for more about her at www.britariley.com  

Sar J Glenn Photo.JPG

Sara Jacobson​


As a child, I loved to draw.  By my teens, that love had evolved into linoleum carving and print-making.  Some 40 years later I am delighted to find that the sgraffito process of scratching through a layer of colored slip or underglaze to expose the clay surface beneath beautifully brings together my two childhood artistic pleasures; and the 3-dimensional clay forms add to the fun challenge of working in-the-round.


Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 4.49.00 PM.png

Marc Mancuso


Marc is a maker, teacher, and thinker who likes minutae, processes, and materials. He has taught ceramics to learners of all ages in the Boston area since 1998. He has worked professionally, exhibited, and lectured, locally and internationally. He draws hundreds of patterns, and occasionally finds time to work with enamels, glass, fabric, and paper. He is totally engaged with the way humor and curiosity influence fine art, design, and even engineering.


Robert Boyer.JPG

Robert Boyer


Robert Boyer has been working in clay for over fifteen years, making on the wheel and exploring a variety of hand building techniques. He has previously taught both wheel throwing and hand building classes at MIT’s Student Art Association. His inspirations typically come from highly repetitive patterns in nature and leverage his background in the sciences looking to atomic structure and algorithmic thought processes as often as wood grain and feathers. Although Robert’s interests span a wide range of ceramic ware, sculpture and abstraction he’s probably happiest when poking thousands of holes in what was once a perfectly functional vase.


Marissa Profile Pic.png

Marissa Wakeen


I am an art teacher and a potter. I have been teaching art for 4 years and have been making pottery for about 13 years. I graduated from Marywood University with my BFA in Ceramics in 2014, and I received my Masters in Arts Teaching from Tufts University in 2016. I create functional pottery that can be handled regularly, and interacts with its user.  Most importantly, enjoyed by people daily. I mainly create wheel thrown work. I am always thinking of new ideas, forms, and vessels. 


Instagram: @potterybymo

Cat throwing.png

Cat Daze


Cat has been making pottery since she was a child.  She completed a bachelors in fine art with a focus on ceramics in undergrad.  In 2012 she took up a residency at Gimhae Clayarch Museum in South Korea.  At this point in her life she has finally found the space to dedicate her time to pottery.  Her pottery is beautiful and playful with unique illustrations.  She teaches weekend workshops and the teen pottery class.


Instagram: @callmecatdaze

lola at the fells_edited.jpg



Lola is a curious looking dog.  She's been mistaken for a dingo, coyote and fox and likened to hundreds more animals including Ed the hyena.  She's susceptible to flattery and will usually crawl out of her wooden, studio crib if cooed at.  Her obsession with treats is impressive even for dog standards, so we ask that she not be fed in the studio except for bananas.  She loves bananas.

Her interests are long walks in The Fells, dead animals, squirrels, ducks, fresh food, expired food, sticks, and friendly people.

You can follow her at https://www.instagram.com/lyfe_of_lola/