summer kids program

  Indigo Fire offers kids a week long clay program that promotes social emotional learning through the arts, creativity and mindfulness

What's involved in each week?

Lot's of throwing on the pottery wheel

                             Clay games and challenges


                                    Mindfulness activities

                     Field games


                            Creative free time

Each week is lead by a head teacher, at least two counselors and a CIT if they are available.  With groups of up to 12, there is at least one staff member for every four kids.  Teachers, counselors and CITs are chosen based on pottery expertise, past teaching experience and quality of character.

Indigo Fire, and specifically our summer kid's program, promotes a non-judgmental, friendly environment for children to learn, have fun and make new friends.

Indigo Fire is an incredibly well stocked, equipped and maintained pottery studio.  Our space is used heavily all year by dedicated potters, artists and adult students.  Children participating in our summer program have access to these same great materials, tools and equipment.

In past years we based each week loosely on a specific theme, however, we have found that each group of young people has their own interests and strengths. This year we will not have a theme, but rather give demonstrations in a wide variety of pottery techniques. Each demonstration will serve as a starting point for young people to exercise their creativity, problem solving and imagination!  Additionally, we are a wheel-centric pottery studio so everyone will get plenty of time on the pottery wheel!  Participants must be 10 years old to enroll.

 Each week of the program runs Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm.

Sample Day










Icebreaker Activity

Clay Activity

Lunch (outside whenever possible)

Yoga and Mindfulness or Movement Game

Clay Activity

Click on the tabs below for more info and to register for that week!


If you are signing up siblings for the same week or the same child for multiple weeks, please send the studio an email.  We will create a code to take $75 off the registration fee for both kids.

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