Our summer kids program will be running again this year!  While we're hopeful that covid cases will decline and that the state may ease their guidelines, we will plan on maintaining the same safety measures we took last year.  Those include:

- Daily screenings and temperature checks

- Everyone inside required to wear a mask

- New studio layout with dramatically increased walking and working space

- Class capacity of 8 kids

- Daily disinfectant cleaning routine for studio surfaces

- Several mobile barriers to further protect working spaces from air transmission

- Hand sanitation stations

- Modified games and projects to ensure social distancing

Summer Kids Clay Program 2021

Indigo Fire is a friendly, well-run pottery studio.  Throughout the year, we give students the space, materials and freedom to be creative.  This culture informs our summer kids program.  Our studio and staff nurture a peaceful, non-judgmental environment.  Throughout each week, kids will be challenged by specific projects as well as given plenty of time to pursue whatever ideas are inspired in the moment.  

Where focus happens naturally

First time in the summer kid's program?  Here's what you can expect:

​Each week is lead by a head teacher, at least two counselors and a CIT if they are available.  With groups of up to 12, there is at least one staff member for every four kids. 

Indigo Fire, and specifically our summer kid's program, promotes a non-judgmental, friendly environment for children to learn, have fun and make new friends.

Kid's have access to great materials, teachers and sources of inspiration.  Like our year-round classes, the summer program has a strong focus on the pottery wheel.  We believe however, that kids have more ability and opportunity to be creative at the handbuilding table.  The wheel provides a physical challenge that pairs well with this.


Throughout the week, kids will be presented with many projects, mini games, puzzles and tasks.  We always do some tie-dye mid week, and use Friday to glaze that week's creations. 

In past years we based each week loosely on a specific theme, however, we have found that each group of young people has their own interests and strengths. This year we will not have a theme, but rather give demonstrations in a wide variety of pottery techniques. Each demonstration will serve as a starting point for young people to exercise their creativity, problem solving and imagination! 


Participants must be 10 years old to enroll.  We do hold to this policy. 

 Each week of the program runs Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm.

Sample Day












Icebreaker Activity

Clay Activity

Lunch (outside whenever possible)

Field games and personal time

Clay Activity

Clean up!

Summer Kids Program Schedule 2021.png

The kids are escorted to the Clay Pond park for lunch every day(weather-permitting).  This is a valuable time for them to run around, play games and blow off steam.

Refunds and Date Changes

Do so before May 31st free of charge.  Between June 1st and 2 weeks prior to the start of the week you're registered for, you may switch weeks or cancel and receive a refund, although a $25 admin fee is retained by Indigo Fire.  After 12-noon on Monday, 2 weeks before your week of the Summer Kids Program begins, your registration can only be moved or refunded if we can fill the spot.


If you are signing up siblings for the same week or the same child for multiple weeks, please send the studio an email.  We will create a code to take $75 off the registration fee for both kids.