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Details about the Summer 2023 Kid's Program are available below.
Registration for the program is open now!

8/10/23- One spot in the last week of camp, August 21-25 is available.

Summer Kids Clay Program 2023

Indigo Fire is a friendly, well-run pottery studio.  Throughout the year, we give students the space, materials and freedom to be creative.  This culture informs our summer kids program.  Our studio and staff nurture a peaceful, non-judgmental environment.  Throughout each week, kids will be challenged by specific projects as well as given plenty of time to pursue whatever ideas are inspired in the moment.  

First time in the summer kid's program?  Here's what you can expect:

​Each week is lead by a head teacher, one to two counselors and often a counselor in training (CIT). 

Indigo Fire, and specifically our summer kid's program, promotes a non-judgmental, friendly environment for children to learn, have fun and make new friends.

Kids have access to great materials, teachers and sources of inspiration.  Like our year-round classes, the summer program has a strong focus on the pottery wheel.  We believe however, that kids have more ability and opportunity to be creative at the handbuilding table.  The wheel provides a physical challenge that pairs well with this.

Throughout the week, kids will be presented with many projects, mini games, puzzles and tasks.  We always do some tie-dye mid week, and use Friday to glaze the week's creations. 

Participants must be 10 years old to enroll. 

We don't give exceptions to this based on experience or maturity. 

 Each week of the program runs Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm.

This program is mask-optional.

Sample Day











Icebreaker Activity

Clay Activity

Lunch (outside whenever possible)

Field games and personal time

Clay Activity

Clean up!

The kids are escorted to the Clay Pond park for lunch every day (weather-permitting).  This is a valuable time for them to run around and play games.

Summer Program Dates(1).png

You'll have to select the dates you're interested in order to find the availability.

Rates, Refunds, and Date Changes

Full week registration: $550

We do not offer multi-child discounts.

Cancellations and reschedules are freely available before June 13th, please note that we retain a $35 admin fee in any circumstance.  After June 13th, we are able to refund your booking if we can fill the spot.

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