Indigo Fire Watertown

We are incredibly happy to announce that we're opening up another pottery studio in Watertown, MA.  Suchi Mumford opened up Indigo Fire 9 years ago and it has steadily evolved into the busy pottery studio it is today.  Though we've maximized the Belmont studio, there are still so many people interested in pottery that we haven't been able to accommodate.  With the opening of the Watertown studio we'll be able to finally offer more classes and studio access to the community.  With that in mind, here are some details and answers to questions we expect you all might have:

How do I make sure I can get registered to work at the new studio?

- If you're interested in independent study at the new Watertown studio the best thing to do is send us an email to get added to our waiting list.  We have over 100 people waiting for independent study, however we are planning on making 100 independent study spots available.  Even if your name isn't including initially when we offer these spots, we're expecting that there will be reasonable turnover which means we should be able to move through the waiting list.  The sooner you get your name on the list, the better.

- If you're interested in classes, the best thing to do is keep an eye on our newsletter.  We will send a newsletter out announcing when we'll publish the Watertown classes.  Late April is a reasonable expectation, although it could be early-mid May.  We're hopeful that we'll be offering so many class spots that they'll be available for weeks after publishing and you all won't have to stress about signups.    

- Our workshops and private lessons will likely be available for signup at the same time as the classes.

What is the space like?

- The address is 79R Grove Street in Watertown.  79 Grove is a long warehouse building and we will be occupying the back section.  It's a 4,000 sq ft space with tall ceilings, some windows, polished concrete floor, two bathrooms, a partitioned kiln room and two dock doors.  And importantly, there's plenty of parking.  


What will the operating model be?

- We believe that the way we run our Belmont location has worked well, and in many ways we will be utilizing the same format.  We will have four electric kilns and thirty wheels.  There will be extra focus on having as many evening classes and independent study spots as possible because these have been our highest-demand offerings.  


What will become of Indigo Fire Belmont?

- Indigo Fire Belmont will continue to grow and evolve.  There are no plans to scale back anything at our current location on Concord Ave.


Why is Indigo Fire expanding right now?  Has covid been good for business?

- No.  Covid has been incredibly difficult for us.  By most measures it's exactly the wrong time to expand.  The reason we are is that the right space became available.  I've kept my eye out for a candidate space for years, and it's like finding a needle in a hay stack.  It's mostly out of sheer stubbornness that I refused to let the opportunity pass by.


What will be new?

- In addition to being able to offer more class and independent study options to students this space opens up a whole bunch of opportunities.  Classes based on experience level or a pottery technique like handbuilding will be possible.  We will introduce many new glazes.  Down the road we may even be able to set up different firings.  In the immediate future, we'll be focused on getting our feet underneathe us.  


How will covid affect this studio opening?

- We will not be waiting on covid to disappear before we open.  Like we've done in Belmont, we'll adapt the studio layout to whatever distancing is required at the time and continue to follow safety guidelines.


Is there anyway to get involved now?

Not yet.  As the buildout process moves along, there will projects and events where extra hands will be most helpful.  We do have teaching positions available as well as one full time employment opportunity.  It's likely that we'll have work exchange and some part time positions available down the road.  


Where will Lola's chez be?

- Good question.  She's wondering the same.  TBD

Lola at Grove st.jpg