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Come join fellow potters and enthusiasts for an artist talk with Ipek Kotan at Indigo Fire Watertown.  Ipek has an exhibition at the Pucker Gallery starting Jan. 21.  You can find her exhibition catalogue here.


She will be presenting her work and the influences that drive it.  The endless nuances of shape and color within the vessel motivate her ceramics exploration.  Ipek will also discuss the road that led her to ceramics, how to find success as an artist and the positive impact it can have on our mental health. 


Participants in this workshop will enjoy a lecture, slide show presentation, Q&A session and an opportunity to meet Ipek.  They will also have the option to submit questions ahead of the workshop.

Refunds available in full up until the event. There are no refunds for no-shows.

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Paul Wizotsky
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About this workshop...

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to make sponge stamps as well as how to use them to decorate pottery at the leather and bisque stages.  You will learn and practice how to use the stamps with glazes, slips, underglazes and wax resist.  Also provided will be laser cut sponge stamps for you to work with.  In addition to the new skills you'll learn, participants will have the opportunity to purchase laser cut sponge stamps at the end of the workshop.  Participants should bring 4 small/medium sized (Meaning less than 10" in width and diameter.  Two pots, both smaller than 4" in width and diameter, may be considered one pot), cone 6, bisque fired pots to work with during the workshop.  These pots will be fired by Indigo Fire and available for pickup two weeks after the event date.  Basic glazing and decorating skills recommended. 

About Paul...

Paul Wisotzky is a studio potter and educator from Truro, Massachusetts.  He makes functional pottery from porcelain and stoneware and fires his work in soda and reduction atmospheres at his studio Blueberry Lane Pottery.  Paul teaches at the Harvard University Ceramics Program and Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill.  As an Open Studio Resident at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts Paul developed a process of digitally designing and fabricating sponge stamps using graphic design software and a laser cutter.  This process was featured in Ceramics Monthly Magazine and in an instructional video available now through the Ceramic Arts Network and CLAYflicks.  Paul uses the stamps to decorate his pottery as well as teaching others how to use them in his workshops and classes.  He is a founder and co-producer of SodaPosium- a national educational gathering and celebration of soda firing.   

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