Missing a class? No big deal.
Find another class that works for your schedule below. Please choose a class that occurs in your registered location- if you are in a Belmont class please only pick a Belmont make-up class. Same goes for Watertown. The experience level is also noted in the schedule, take note of that as well!

Clay Usage:

  • 8 Week classes may use 45 lbs of clay

  • 12 Week classes may use 65 lbs of clay

  • Independent Study students may use 25 lbs of clay per month

If you use more than your allotted amount of clay, that is ok! You can pay $2/lb ($3 for porcelain) for extra clay.

You may NOT use more than double the amount of allotted clay total.

Settle up your extra clay in your last week of class with a staff member, who will mark you as paid on the ledger. 

Clay for handles counts as clay usage, but clay for trimming (under 1 lb) does not.

Clay does not "roll over" between sessions- do your best to use it up before the throwing period ends!

Class Students may take clay for use in-studio only. Independent Study students may take home up to 10 lbs of clay at a time.


Firing Fees:

Pieces that measure more than 10.5 inches in height or width incur a firing fee of $10/piece. This is because loading pieces of this size becomes difficult. They take up a lot of space and have to be loaded strategically. 


Pieces that measure more than 15 inches in height or width will not be fired. They are simply too big.