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Class Registration

Our Fall session is fully registered.

All cancellations will be available on the calendars below as we receive them.

Important Registration Details:
- Registration goes out through our Email Newsletter. There is no specific time that it is sent out.
- Our booking system occasionally overbooks a class, in which case we will honor bookings in the order we received them. Overbookings will be
cancelled and refunded.
- We do not keep a waitlist for classes. All cancellations are posted to this page as we receive them, so check back periodically & you may find a spot.
We do not register over the phone or via email on the day of registration.

The Summer Semester runs from July 3rd thru September 9th.
The Fall Semester will run from September 18th thru December 16th.

The Fall Semester is 12 weeks long, comes with 65 lbs of clay, includes glaze and firings and is $600/semester.

We keep communal tools in Belmont.
Tools are not provided in Watertown. A selection of tools are available for purchase in both locations.

Experience Levels:
All classes are wheel throwing based classes unless otherwise noted, and all are listed with an experience level ranging between Beginner, Beginner II, and Intermediate. Newcomers to clay should opt for a Beginner class, those who have some experience with clay may opt for a Beginner II class, and more experienced potters (3+ classes) may sign up for Intermediate Wheel. Teachers are flexible and able to alter demonstrations to suit both new and more skilled students, but it's best for all students to be working at the same skill level.

Each semester has a built-in makeup week at the end of the semester to accommodate one class cancellation per term. Details about make-up classes and other policies can be found on our Student Info Page.


Belmont Hours:

Monday- Friday 10:00 am-9:00 pm

Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm

Sunday 12:00pm-6:00 pm

Call the Belmont location at: 617-489-2730


Watertown Hours:

Monday- Friday 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 am- 9:00 pm

& Sunday 10:00 am-6:00 pm

Call the Watertown location at: 617-393-0051

Indigo Fire Studio Policies

Indigo Fire is a kind, inclusive space that relies on students to use the studio responsibly. That means respecting the cleanliness and safety of the studio, being oriented to studio practices, and having a good attitude. Make sure to read our policy guide here.  A couple extra important details:

Cancellation Policy, s
tudents can cancel one week before the first class begins and receive a refund minus a $35 cancellation fee.  This fee is deducted from your refund. Cancellations less than one week before the first class begins can only be refunded if we can fill the seat.
​  If there is space, students may change their class up until one week of the start date of the class they're currently registered for.  Students should send an email to see if we can move your booking and replace your registration.

Indigo Fire has a very flexible class makeup policy.  If students miss a class they are permitted to join any other class happening that week. A schedule of classes is available here: Makeup Classes

There are many safety guidelines to follow in the studio.  Dust, glazes, oxide washes, studio equipment and certain tools all pose risks.  Students must read about these risks in our policy guide, behave responsibly and ask their teacher or a staff member if they have questions in this regard.

Facemasks are now optional at both studios.

By signing up for a class at Indigo Fire you are agreeing to read, understand and abide by our policies.  


Belmont Fall 23.png
Watertown Summer 2023(4).png

On desktop, use the two calendars below to find our offerings for both studios. On mobile, tap the circle for either location to register. We process bookings through Peek. If the calendar won't populate classes or says "Sorry, there is no availability this month" it means that our classes have filled for the session.

There is no waitlist for this session. If you are not able to register for a class today, check back tomorrow!
Any cancellations in classes will be reflected in the calendars above. 

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