Finished greenware pottery can be dropped off on the shelves outside Indigo Fire(you may drop off pottery when the studio isn't open at your own risk).  It takes 2 weeks on average for pottery(bisque and glaze) to get fired.  As with our traditional independent study, we ask that you try to fire and glaze your work within the 2 month period you're registered for.  If you're planning on renewing, this is no problem.


Glazing can be done during the following times:

Monday and Wednesday, 1-6pm

Tuesday and Thursday, 1-3pm

Friday, 10am-9pm

Saturday, 1-6pm

Sunday, 12-6pm

If you have not taken a class or independent study at Indigo Fire before, you must attend a Glaze Orientation class before glazing at the studio.  You must have used cone 6 glazes at some point previously to register.

Glaze orientation classes will be from 6-7pm on the first Friday of the month.    

The registration link below is always scheduled for the last day of the second month of the at-home independent study.  This date is a placeholder and is just so that folks can register after the start of the 2 month period.

At-Home Independent Study

We are offering at-home independent study under a new structure starting this fall.  Going forward(until COVID is no longer an impact) at-home independent study will be available in two month sessions.  These two month sessions will be available every month.


Students get a 25lb bag of clay(porcelain is $25 extra) and another bag can be purchased for $50($75 for porcelain).  The clay options are:

- White Stoneware (fires to an eggshell white)

- Speckled Brown Stoneware (hazelnut brown color with speckles)

- Dark Brown Stoneware (chocolate brown)

- Porcelain

You can come into the studio anytime we are open to pick up clay(Mon-Fri 10am-9pm, Sat 10-6pm, Sun 12-6pm).  If you would prefer the clay to be set outside for pickup, just send us an email.






At-home handbuilding projects by Indigo Fire students

Independent Study

We are working with our current independent study students to incorporate time for them to use the studio as we reopen.  When the independent study program returns to it's normal structure, we will reach out to those on our waiting list to admit new students.

Independent Study is currently full.  Please call the studio to be added to our waiting list.

Already familiar with the Pottery Wheel? Want to do Hand Building? Not looking for guided instruction? Then this program is for you!

Our Independent Study Program is for individuals ages 18+ who know how to throw or hand build and are looking for a place to work. You will get your own shelf to store your work, use of studio tools and decorating materials, and access to our cone 6 glaze selection. 

As an independent study student you may come work any time during studio hours, even if a class is in session.

Monday-Friday: 10am-9pm

Saturday: 10am-6pm

Sunday: 12pm-6pm

$300 for 8 consecutive weeks of Studio Time 

Cost includes 45 lbs of clay, all firings and glazes

$250 for 6 consecutive weeks.
​Cost includes 35 lbs of clay, all firings and glazes

The studio is quiet during weekday mornings. We offer a bright and spacious space in which to work. If you would like to sign up for Independent Study come in and we'll get you set up and give you a tour of the studio!   

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 617-489-2730