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These cards act as a balance that you can work down over time.  They can be applied to workshops and private lessons.  We offer different workshops for all ages starting 10+  that take place at both our Belmont and Watertown locations at different times throughout the week. Please note the difference in price for the Early Bird vs our other offerings, so your recipient can book easily. The gift card link will ask for a recipient email- if it is a surprise you should enter your own email, and give them the code when you are ready.

Restrictions -
We do not recommend purchasing a gift card with the intention of registering for a multi-week class as we cannot guarantee class placement due to limited semester class availability.

These Gift Cards are not applicable to independent study. 


The Gift of Mud

Workshop Breakdown.png

Please note that we recently switched booking platforms. If you or your gift card recipient are having difficulty, please call or email the studio. Our gift cards do not expire.

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