Faculty & Staff

Ned Levering

Ned's work is influenced by 20th century English and Japanese pottery.  He believes there is beauty in function and his pots are made to be used.  He enjoys glaze chemistry and building out the studio space.  Outside of pottery Ned enjoys chess, woodworking, bonsai, Starcraft and rock climbing.  He lives in Arlington with his partner Alex and dog Lola.

Ariane Curtin-Bowen

Ariane joined Indigo Fire as a staff member in Jan, 2020. Her role here has quickly grown and we are now proud to have her as the Studio Manager. On top of being friendly, helpful and smart, Ariane has a strong background in ceramics. She has a BA from Bennington College where she concentrated in ceramics. She previously worked at Mud Flat as a tech and is well versed in pottery studio operations.

Peter Bakhit

Peter is the studio manager at our Watertown location. After Peter graduated Gordon College majoring in Communication Arts, he took a beginner wheel throwing class and knew right away that pottery was what he wanted to be involved in for the long haul. Peter enjoys wheel throwing, and experimenting with hand building. When he's not at the studio Peter plays kick ball, walks on the beach and volunteers with Beverly main streets, the city where he's lived in for 4 years during and after college.

Jared Hostutler

Jared is our glaze technician and primary Watertown weekend staff. They graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a BFA in Ceramics. Their pottery is made with functionality and comfort at the forefront, while also being a vehicle to showcase queer imagery and thematics in everyday space. When not working at Indigo, he’s pinching pots in his backyard shed studio or caring for his myriad of pets, all beloved.

Lola Levering

Lola is the main character. She's a happy go lucky pup with a wonky smile- you'll find her wherever Ned is!

Taylor Byrne

Taylor graduated from the University of Connecticut with a BFA in photography. While studying there, she was introduced to pottery and she hasn’t stopped throwing since. In addition to being a potter, Taylor has been teaching art at the high school level in public schools for the past 7 years. She is currently a Ceramics teacher at Somerville High School. Taylor is drawn to throwing on the pottery wheel because it brings moments of silence and creativity to an otherwise hectic life as a teacher

Erik Wilson

Erik Wilson is a ceramic artist at Mudflat Studios in Somerville, MA. His work is wheel thrown and functional, gas and wood fired. Erik explores forms through many production cycles and iterations. He enjoys altered, wheel thrown pottery and dynamic textures. Erik teaches the intermediate throwing class and has a lot to offer students who have taken multiple pottery classes.

Josephine Coppinger

Josephine graduated from Wheaton College with a BA in Fine Arts. She interned with The Bright Angle in Asheville, NC where she worked with slip casting, glaze formulation and firings. She managed her own studio in western mass for a while before moving back to Boston. ​ Her work often derives meaning from social issues to offer a new perspective. She's inspired by home, nature, patterns, and textures.

Conor Pickett

Conor graduated from Eckerd College with a BFA in Visual Art. He's been working with clay for over 10 years. In 2014, he moved to San Francisco and joined Clay By The Bay where he taught and led the operations and program development for 5 years. Conor returned to the North Shore in 2020 and looks forward to joining and the east coast clay community and sharing what he’s learned.

Donna Pioli

Donna Pioli has been working with clay since she fell in love with ceramics over 15 years ago. She is known for imbuing her work with feminine, playful details. Donna delights in the control and malleability that clay affords and is eager to bring this passion to her teaching. Her studio is based in Dedham, MA at Mother Brook Arts & Community Center.

Kimberly Wutkiewicz

Kim first fell in love with pottery 20 years ago when a friend taught her how to use a kick wheel at summer camp. Since then, she has seized every opportunity to get her hands into clay. She loves exploring simple, graceful forms and incorporating her love of nature into sgraffito and other surface design techniques. Kim joined Indigo Fire in 2021 after teaching wheel-throwing at Mudville Pottery for four years.

Sarah Carroll

Sarah has worked with clay since studying full time at the School for Professional Crafts at the Worcester Center for Crafts 20 years ago. There she learned everything from wheel throwing and hand building to glaze preparation and firing all different types of kilns. She is drawn to the moments and materials on display when nature meets the human-constructed environment such as rust, weathered paint, and discarded bricks. Sarah has been throwing at Indigo Fire since 2019.

Brendan Kelly

Brendan is based in Somerville and has been working with clay for about 8 years. Since taking his first class, he's been pulled by the iterative, peaceful process and am consistently surprised by similarities found between ceramics, yoga, and nature. His work centers around wheel throwing with an emphasis on simple shapes with small alterations and textures.

Marc Mancuso

Marc is a maker, teacher, and thinker who likes minutae, processes, and materials. He has taught ceramics to learners of all ages in the Boston area since 1998. He has worked professionally, exhibited, and lectured, locally and internationally. He draws hundreds of patterns, and occasionally finds time to work with enamels, glass, fabric, and paper. He is totally engaged with the way humor and curiosity influence fine art, design, and even engineering.

Sara Jacobson

As a child, I loved to draw. By my teens, that love had evolved into linoleum carving and print-making. Some 40 years later I am delighted to find that the sgraffito process of scratching through a layer of colored slip or underglaze to expose the clay surface beneath beautifully brings together my two childhood artistic pleasures; and the 3-dimensional clay forms add to the fun challenge of working in-the-round.

Robert Boyer

Robert Boyer has been working in clay for over fifteen years, making on the wheel and exploring a variety of hand building techniques. He has previously taught both wheel throwing and hand building classes at MIT’s Student Art Association. His inspirations typically come from highly repetitive patterns in nature and leverage his background in the sciences looking to atomic structure and algorithmic thought processes as often as wood grain and feathers.

Weekend Staff
Zelda Mayer

Zelda Mayer

Zelda has been working with clay for over 6 years and has obsessively grown her practice since her first introduction to pottery. She is a combined degree student at Tufts and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, on track for a BA in Anthropology and a BFA in Fine Art. Her work pays respect to the craft tradition, emphasizing functionality and the beauty of the handmade. Zelda teaches weekend workshops and runs the Saturday evening studio.

Kirya Caine

Kirya Caine

Kirya has been making pottery at Indigo Fire for seven years. She has spent much of her summers working here, helping with our summer kids program. She enjoys functional, thrown pottery. Kirya works Sundays at the studio.

Isabel Gresseth

Isabel Gresseth

Isabel is a Belmont High School student who started throwing at Indigo Fire in 2019. She has many artistic interests including writing, painting, music and of course pottery. She is very knowledgeable about the studio and a good resource if you have any questions while working here. You will find Isabel in the studio on Saturday afternoons.

Maddy Fox

Maddy Fox

Maddy has been throwing at Indigo Fire consistently since 2016. They come from a musical family and apply that creativity to their pottery. They have a wide range of thrown shapes and glazes that they use. Maddy knows the studio extremely well and will probably share a throwing tip with you if they have the time. They run the studio on Saturdays.

Work Exchange
Alice Lee

Alice is just about always in the studio. She covers Thursday evenings in our Belmont location, and has a deep and evergrowing passion for underglaze decals.

Desiree Arevalo

Dez works in the Watertown studio on Thursday evenings. They're

Michaela Wasson

Michaela is the only artist from Indigo Fire who can claim Miley Cyrus as a patron. She's a full time potter who works in the Belmont Studio on Tuesday evenings.

Caralyn Aufiero
Fionnuala Hart-Gerrity

Fionnuala Hart Gerrity is a Boston-based artist who works in a variety of media, including painting, printmaking, bookbinding, and ceramics. They have been working with clay since childhood, but trained in printmaking and hand bookbinding with an early focus on relief printing and artist’s books. Their current ceramic work explores the relationships between plants, fungi, and animals. Fionnuala works at the Belmont studio on Friday nights, and loves to chat about lichens (if that's your thing).

Morgen Quintus

Morgen is our Wednesday evening work exchange in Belmont. While Morgen spent a lot of time playing in the mud as a kid and dabbling in pottery when it was available to her in school, she didn’t start taking classes regularly at Indigo Fire until early 2018. These days, Morgen is most excited about decorating pots, usually by way of some (colorful) sgraffito. Outside of making pots, you can find Morgen gardening, eating snacks, or going for walks with her sweet dog Juno.

Joe Campo

Joe is a long-time work exchange friend who dibbledabbles in glaze chemistry as much as he can! He works out of the Watertown studio on Wednesday evenings.

Lauren Mueller

Lauren started her pottery journey right here at Indigo Fire! After three years in Robert's Thursday night class she took the leap and became an Independent Study Artist at the Watertown studio. She is really excited to now experience all the behind the scenes magic of the studio and is always into talking about glazing, or throwing, or the perfect podcast to listen to while trimming.

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