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Sip & Spin

Try out the pottery wheel for an evening in a friendly, social atmosphere!  Feel free to BYOB and/or snacks to share! (ages 21+)  


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Morning Wheel

Spend a peaceful Sunday morning on the pottery wheel. Enjoy a demonstration and then try your hand at the wheel. (ages 10+) 


Early Bird Wheel

Are you an early riser?  The early bird workshop starts at 8am so you can get your throwing in and be home in time for brunch.  (ages 10+)

Important Information to know about our workshops

Refunds or date changes are not available within 48 hours of the event.  Up till that point customers are entitled to a full refund or date change.

Workshop participants may keep up to two pots each which they may choose a glaze for at the end of the workshop.  The studio will trim, glaze and fire their pots over a period of one month.  Pottery will be finished and ready for pickup one month after the workshop.  We will store your finished pottery for 3 months from the date of the workshop. 


Any pottery that is not glazed or picked up during this time window is removed from the studio :(

Workshop Structure and What to Expect


Workshop attendees are invited to arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to a workshop to get settled.  Teachers wait till 5 minutes past the workshop start time for all attendees to arrive and then begin the event.  Teachers will orient the participants, introduce everyone and give a 15-20 minute demonstration on the pottery wheel.  Participants are then given their individual wheels, a set of tools and clay.  You can expect about an hour and twenty minutes of throwing time on the wheel.  15 minutes is reserved at the end of the workshop to clean up.


Our workshops are designed to be appropriate for new wheel throwers and experienced potters.  Throwing on the pottery wheel is incredibly challenging and cannot be taught in a single session.  If you are new to the wheel it's best to think about a workshop as an an exciting experience rather than opportunity to make a gift for a friend.