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What do we offer?

Semester long classes are our core offering. We have an independent study program which is a good fit for experienced potters in need of a studio to work in.  We also offer private lessons,  weekend workshops, visiting artist workshops, private events and a robust summer kids program.  


About Us

Indigo Fire now has two locations! Indigo Fire's Belmont studio opened in 2012 and the Watertown studio opened in 2021. Our goal is to provide a friendly, non-intimidating environment for those interested in learning pottery. Whether you are a beginner or experienced potter, we have something to offer you.

The studios are built out with custom shelves and furnishings that were designed specifically for the space.  In both locations, we have a separate, ventilated kiln room with glaze chemicals to mix our unique glazes.  We fire at cone 6 and have an array of stonewares and porcelain to choose from.

Why Indigo Fire?


We make all of our glazes from scratch. Most of them are unique glaze recipes.


There is always a helpful, capable person on staff to manage the studio and assist with questions.


It is factual that our students are the nicest, friendliest people in the pottery world.  


Class and independent study students enjoy unlimited access to the studio during our operating hours, even when other classes are going on.


We are lucky enough to have studios full of quality equipment in good working condition.


We have a very high standard of cleanliness and organization.  We wet clean our studios daily.  All tools and materials are kept in their designated spots.  


What's in the Belmont Studio?

  • 16 Shimpo Wheels (6 Whispers 10 Lites)

  • Handbuilding tables 

  • Shimpo slab roller

  • Northstar extruder

  • Peter Pugger VPM-9

  •  1227 KM Skutt Kiln,

  • (2) 1227 KM PK Skutt Kilns

  • Ventilated kiln room for glaze mixing and grinding

  • Handmade furniture and shelving

  • Chatillon 027/A III scale

  • Flat screen TV

  • Super Nintendo Classic :) 

  • 13 homemade, dunk glazes

  • Kitchen area with fridge

  • Every ceramic tool and material needed to make, mold and decorate your work.  If we don't have it, ask us and we will probably buy it!

What's in the Watertown Studio?

  • 30 Bailey Pro-X wheels

  • Handbuilding tables 

  • Bailey slab roller

  • Northstar extruder

  • Peter Pugger VPM-9

  •  4 BX2817D Coneart kilns

  • Ventilated kiln room for glaze mixing and grinding

  • Chatillon 027/A III scale

  • 10 homemade, dunk glazes (more to come)

  • Kitchen area with fridge

  • Brushes and measuring cups

  • 10+ Speedball underglazes

  • *Tools and aprons are not provided, students are required to bring their own.*

Contact Us


60 Concord Avenue, Belmont MA 02478

617 489 2730

Mon-Fri: 10am-9pm

  Sat: 10-6pm

Sun: 12-6pm


79R Grove Street, Watertown MA 02472

617 393 0051

Mon-Fri: 10am-10pm

  Sat: 10-9pm

Sun: 10-6pm


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